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FaceBook Live with the San Diego Union Tribune

Interview with Geoff Wahl starts at minute 37. Click here to view»


Great news for California researchers, the Susan G. Komen Foundation will be granting 4.5 million dollars to a study that will help understand the role that environmental issues play in breast cancer. Click here to view the video»

New Technology Spots Better Drug Targets

November 20, 2014

For decades, researchers have struggled to translate basic scientific discoveries about cancer into therapeutics that effectively–and with minimal side effects–shrink a tumor. Read more »


Salk scientists use an old theory to discover new targets in the fight against breast cancer

February 07, 2012

Reviving a theory first proposed in the late 1800s that the development of organs in the normal embryo and the development of cancers are related, scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have studied organ development in mice to unravel how breast cancers, and perhaps other cancers, develop in people. Their findings provide new ways to predict and personalize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Read more»








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