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Postdoctoral positions are immediately open to pursue studies related to the cellular and molecular origins of basal-like breast cancer and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Our overarching goal is to develop a better understanding of their biological underpinnings to enable us to develop more rational and effective treatments.

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As described in more detail on this website and the publications cited therein, we use broad-ranging mouse genetic, in vitro and bioinformatics approaches for our studies. We use single cell RNA-sequencing, functional assays and bioinformatics strategies to decipher the pathways that lead to acquisition of the stem cell state during the evolution of basal-like breast cancers. This information is suggesting new routes to targeted therapies.

Our pancreatic cancer studies involve analyses of the cross-talk between the epithelium and stroma to develop new strategies for interdiction. This work takes advantage of our strong background in the p53 pathway, and our recently developed methods to analyze protein-protein interaction. The latter approach is proving valuable for studying the RAS pathway and the metabolic and genetic factors that contribute to RAS signaling in many types of cancer. We have strong collaborations that enable us to translate our basic findings to the clinic.

Please apply if you have a background in any of the following areas: bioinformatics, mammary development, breast cancer, biology of the pancreas, stromal-epithelial interactions.

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